Practice Tests

Get ready to conquer the McKinsey Problem Solving Game like never before! Our practice tests are meticulously designed to closely replicate the challenges you’ll face in the actual Mckinsey PSG. Crafted by industry experts, this comprehensive package is your ticket to refining your problem-solving skills to perfection. Immerse yourself in a world of complex scenarios, sharpening your analytical prowess and honing your critical thinking abilities. Gain the competitive edge that will impress recruiters and unlock remarkable career opportunities. Don’t let this chance slip away—supercharge your problem-solving abilities today and embark on a journey toward triumph!

Individual practice tests to master your skills with!

Species to build a sustainable ecosystem from

Ace your test! As they say, practice makes perfect!

Although the format differs from what you will receive in your Mckinsey problem solving game, the fundamentals are identical! These tests will help you develop the problem solving skills required to ace your test!

Mckinsey Ecosystem PSG Rules

  • The ecosystem must form a continuous food chain
  • There must be a calorie surplus for every pair of predator and prey
    • A predator will consume the prey that provides the greatest number of calories first. In the case where multiple prey species provide the same number of calories, the predator consumes them equally
  • All species must be able to survive together in specific terrain and conditions
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